Sharing our Ponderings about Love-Based Consciousness on this Planet

This blog gives you a chance to explore what we mean by love based consciousness on this planet. In this blog we will share the core concepts of love, self-love, surrender, letting go, the role of stories in our lives, unconditional love, and the role the ego can play in stopping us from love based action towards our wildest dreams. Our motto together has been love, trust, surrender, and then action now for over 10 years. These tiny 4 four words have changed our lives forever. These videos and this blog will give you a sense of who we are and help you explore whether you want to play.
January 6, 2020

Be A Change Agent For Love

As we move into 2020, are you going to step into love? What are you going to with the knowledge and information you have? Your perception and participation in this moment is voluntary, so this year we challenge you to make it about you being love. Not loving others, or have them love you, but being and existing in the vibration and energy of love. Discover how this commitment to yourself change your reality.
January 6, 2020

Letting Go

It is about following your inner heart and not following your ego. Imagine how businesses would change if we simply did them consciously, we connect with the people that we intend to connect with, that it didn't come from a place of greed, or poverty, or competitiveness, instead knowing that there is enough for all of us. It completely changes the energy behind how to consciously create a conscious business.