The Three Pillars of Change

Love, Community and Technology

Love Evolution is an initiative to connect like minds and encourage each of us to contunue the journey of consciousness through the expansion of love each and every day by bringing together a communuty who are leveraging divine sciences that help strengthen and evolve within our own unique awareness, each and every day. This is about YOU becoming more of YOU. Not following others but each of us epxloring and leading our own unique journey, based in love.

3 Pillars of Love Evolution

Evolutionary Connection Call

If there are fears, insecurities, doubts or stories stopping you from taking inspired action but you are feeling the pull to connect then this is simply an invitation to connect and share with no strings attached. Simply fill out the form if you want to connect, we will set a time to chat live on the phone/zoom and see where it takes us. (PS - This is not high pressure sales here its just a way for you to explore what might be next for you.)

Awareness Blog

Sharing our discoveries on Love, Surrender & Trust

January 6, 2020


How stories are important and how they impact your life. Every situation has a story. We communicate in stories. The problem is that we believe so much in the stories, especially the stories coming from healers or authority figures - those we put our faith in.
January 6, 2020

The Ripple Effect of Surrender

How choosing a life surrender can have a positive impact on your children's lives and those around you. Surrendering to your own inner knowing, the inklings that you need to do and follow your guidance. Surrendering to each opportunity, extends beyond those around you. Are you willing to surrender the outcome and follow your heart?
January 6, 2020

Conscious Business

It is about following your inner heart and not following your ego. Imagine how businesses would change if we simply did them consciously, we connect with the people that we intend to connect with, that it didn't come from a place of greed, or poverty, or competitiveness, instead knowing that there is enough for all of us. It completely changes the energy behind how to consciously create a conscious business.

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