The Three Pillars of Change

Love, Community and Technology - The Foundation of the Love Experiment

We are an organization that believes that love and only love matters in the world. We share, educate and teach about love-based consciousness through books, blogs, one on one sessions, and group events to share what we mean by love-based living or love based consciousness.

What do we mean by love?

We do not mean romantic love although that can be an aspect of what we share it's about an energy, a vibration of connection to oneself and to others with a very different lens.

A core foundation of everything we share is the belief that Love comes first, starting with self-love, then learning to Surrender (or Letting Go of what we think things should be), then Learning to Trust ourselves and our higher self again more consistently and more often, and then taking inspired Action when the time is right is what brings us the life we are truly looking for.

Within our initiative, we also share high vibrational tools and technologies that support and enhance your vibrational energy field so that you get a chance to learn, experience, and live from a place of love more consistently and easily again.

Why does this matter?

Whether it be in work, life, relationships or play love shows up in all aspects of our reality, including money, and our businesses. When there is a lack of love and alignment things are out of balance. Learning to be in balance in all aspects of our reality is about centering in love, letting go, and then taking action with the soul when we are ready to do so.

Whether you do this one time for a specific aspect of your life or as a way of living by learning to love first and then let go of expectations you get a chance to change all aspects of our lives are no longer working for us and take a step forward in love.

3 Pillars of Love Evolution

Evolutionary Connection Call

If there are fears, insecurities, doubts or stories stopping you from taking inspired action but you are feeling the pull to connect then this is simply an invitation to connect and share with no strings attached. Simply fill out the form if you want to connect, we will set a time to chat live on the phone/zoom and see where it takes us. (PS - This is not high pressure sales here its just a way for you to explore what might be next for you.)

Awareness Blog

Sharing our discoveries on Love, Surrender & Trust

January 6, 2020


Surrender is having everything. As long as you continue to have conscious thoughts about something you won't have access to everything. Once you detach from the process that 'I must know', and surrender even the knowing-ness and allow your whole being to be connected. This is when you are completely embodying spirit. This is true surrender.
January 6, 2020

The Ripple Effect of Surrender

How choosing a life surrender can have a positive impact on your children's lives and those around you. Surrendering to your own inner knowing, the inklings that you need to do and follow your guidance. Surrendering to each opportunity, extends beyond those around you. Are you willing to surrender the outcome and follow your heart?

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