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Meet Ann & Bill

When we met in 2012 we dedicated our lives to each other's evolution and there has been no stopping us ever since. Together in love. On this site, we share our journey, the information, the awarenesses, and the tools we use ourselves to inspire you to create change in your life. To help you connect more strongly with who you are, love.

We are not a religious or spiritual organization, we are two loving people who strongly believe that the power of LOVE and the use of consciousness-based technologies can be leveraged is to help each of us evolve. One person and community at a time.

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Meet Bill here - Meet Ann here.

What makes us unique?

  • We have an open relationship in life, love and business.
  • We recognize that every aspect of our lives is constantly evolving and changing.
  • We have an unconditional love for each other since the day we met and have dedicated our lives to the evolution of each other and everything we experience in this life.

  • We don’t just talk. We do. We actively live a life of love-based surrender.
  • We realize we do not really “know “ anything.
  • We have a willingness to be on the leading edge together in love and we wholeheartedly believe in the value of leveraging technology in our evolution and the evolution of others that choose.
Technology & Love

Ann & Bill share how Conscious Technology is playing a bigger part in assisting them and others to expand consciousness to higher states of love that we have not experienced in the last hundred years. Shifting out of patterns and limitations to help us embody and connect more fully to who we are in this human form, love.

Love Evolution Movement

Step Into Love Based Consciousness Living

We and others are connected because of an inner knowing that there is “more” inside each of us. Together we have been open to leveraging technology to create space and to help accelerate the soul's evolution back to love.

Let's be real folks, planet earth at the moment is not all light and love so why not create space and leverage advanced divine sciences to create more space for love? Space to assist you in getting back to being you without all the stories and negativity that we have created in our lives.

So what does this mean for you? We are simply asking you to take a step of action that is right for you.

Get off the proverbial fence so to speak and take a step of action towards love, self-love, and love of humanity but be open to the possibility that technology may help you get there more quickly if you chose. In the moment you don’t need to allow your mind to control it and understand what you are saying yes to. You simply need to be open to saying yes, yes to love.
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Get Your Feet Wet & Soak Up More Info

It's not always easy to take a leap of faith, we get that. So if you are still looking for more information to digest to see if what we are all about resonates with you we recommend taking a read and browse our latest awareness. Start with our latest post.. get to know us more

Excerpt from Who's Shit Is This Anyway Post
Did you know that we are a human form wrapped in a bundle of energy and love? Although it doesn’t feel that way some days, does it? It’s like you know something inside of you is trying to come out but you just can’t quite do it or get there. It’s like something is missing. That is because you are literally wrapped up in and impacted by patterns of energy each and every day and some of them are not pretty. Take a step back and give yourself some space. Look at...

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Open the Door

Chat about other ways to embody love.

No high-pressure sales here but sometimes what we share is hard to understand. So if you are ready to take a bolder step and want to know more this is simply an open invitation to exploring possibilities in a way for you to explore what might be next for you. Contact us at...

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