Love Evolution Community

Become A Part Of The Change In Humanity. Expand, Grow & Achieve Freedom Through Love.

For years we have been traveling Canada and other parts of the globe building community differently. One by one, group connections, and even trade shows. Finding and connecting with unique beings along the way.

But the one thing we kept hearing was ” How does technology play a role in love-based evolution in all this a role and as humans how do we say connected with like minds all at the same time?”

Introducing Love Evolution Patreon - our community-based platform that allows us to stay connected, offers technology in a cost-friendly easy to use platform so you can explore what we mean by loved based evolution and technology all at the same time.

This space offers monthly live connections, a library of audios and videos, and a chance to explore consciousness-based technology for those focused and/or curious about love-based evolution in the human form.

​In return for monthly contributions, we will share audios and videos about love, consciousness, surrender, love-based action, and embodiment of the soul.

Teachings and sharings that have been in our lives for almost 10 plus years along with unique offerings not found anywhere else.

We will endeavor to make these tools exclusive to Patreon members as a way of thanking each of you for helping fund change on this planet through love.