This is our latest initiatives as we continue to develop and share our version of hope for humanity based in love.

Single Parent Initiative

Support for energetically sensitive single parents and their children during times of transition and change

There are many aware, sensitive families that are seeking ways to support themselves and their children. This is an opportunity to use advanced quantum technology to clear, balance and support you and your children’s energy fields without needing to know or do anything different. It just happens. Watch and see how systems can be used to help clear, balance and stabilize energy fields so they can more fully step into being more of themselves.

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Infinity Series Initiative

A new instrument, a new energy being birthed on this planet based on unconditional love.

This new instrument, The Infinity Series, we will be leveraging and reliving sound based technologies to support each of our evolution and assist in a greater embodiment of their soul through love.

Each instrument and energy combines scalar energy and sound from sound providers around the world to facilitate change in the human form, to support our evolution back to love. Our current physics on this planet believes that collapsing magnetic fields, which is what we are using, creates a ripple or an expansion in zero point or scalar energy and its the frequencies that are being transmitted through these instruments that are creating these collapsing frequencies and transmitting a scalar energy field. There are no physicists that can measure this yet but we have seen this from experience. This is why we feel so strongly that whatever we do is based on love. The business model must be based on love and the distribution must be based on love because the energy is transmitted to the centre of the galaxy. What a better way than to transmit love than through sound.

If you are interested in hearing more about this initiative or have any questions please connect with us.

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Patreon Initiative

A unique way for like minds to connect and explore love based technology all at the same time.

Come connect, explore and discover the new rold of Patreon where everyone can access tools, tecnholgies and each other in a safe environment for conscioussness expansion based inlove. A no hassle, easy to use platform designed to help us focus on connection and creation, based in love.