Co-Created By Bonnie Bogner, Andrea Austin & Bill Little, along with 4 other Authors

Six gifted channellers dip deeply into their hearts and knowing to provide messages from the divine that will inspire and uplift you. They invite the reader to a new understanding of the world sparking hope and giving encouragement to embrace the changing world that is before us. Their collective intention is to lift you up and remind you of your own divinity.

As you read Hope For Humanity, you will:
  • Realize there is more for you – including love, experiences, and life to enjoy
  • Recognize ease is possible for you in all areas of life
  • Become inspired to create a brighter future
  • Be encouraged to let go of the heaviness, weariness, and worry you hold onto
Most of all, you are reminded that stepping into LOVE creates the way to Oneness, Peace, and Hope.


Meet Ann & Bill

We have been together for many, many lifetimes and in many, many universes playing with and understanding the human potential through love. It is why we came together in love at this time, in this space. In this union of two beings, we have dedicated our lives to each other's expansion and evolution through love.

This book came about as an alignment between and old friend of Bills, Bonnie Bogner and timing seems to all come together. You see neither one of us identify with or consider ourselves as channelers and on some level we have been hesitant to brand ourselves that way.. we are simply speaking our truth. But yes gifts opened and continue to open up in both of us along the way and it is time to share from a place of love.

So when we began looking to launch book number two we feel upon a Bonnie again who was co side ring launching a book of “channeled” works from 6 to 8 beings who desired to take another step to sharing the truth more openly and publicly like never before. At first we were unsure we wanted to be labeled this way but at the time when the title was birthed we knew we were all in as the title alone spoke to what we believe in. Hope for Humanity is based in love if we are willing to open up to it.. that is who we are, what we have been for the last 10 years together and what we always will be. We are a couple and a community based in love, sharing tools to help us get there and embody they which we are along the way.

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