The Beauty of Authenticity

Written By 24 Authors Including Andrea Austin

Authenticity is you showing up as your true self, no holding back. It asks that you explore and reveal parts of yourself previously hidden and perhaps ones you didn't even know existed. The women who share their stories have made significant shifts in the way they show up and their ways of thinking. These women have empowered themselves through self-discovery, deep introspection, mindfulness, and self-love. Their transformations are nothing short of miraculous, and they speak to the undying vibrancy and love that exists in each of us.

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Hope For Humanity

Written By 6 Authors Including Andrea Austin & Bill Little

Six gifted channellers dip deeply into their hearts and knowing to provide messages from the divine that will inspire and uplift you. They invite the reader to a new understanding of the world sparking hope and giving encouragement to embrace the changing world that is before us. Their collective intention is to lift you up and remind you of your own divinity.

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The Antics of Ann & Bill

Coming Soon 2020

A documented journey of love based surrender. What that means and how it applies in your life if you choose.

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