The Art of Letting Go
6 Week Mini-Series

January 17th, 2021 to February 21st, 2021

Join me (Ann) and up to 10 others for a facilitated group experience on letting go of what no longer serves you in your life and stepping back into love. Love of self, love of others, and willing a newness to enter your mind and your field. Come prepared to be surprised by what comes up for you and allow the old energy of relationships, divorce, sex and money etc leave your field and start the New Year off right.

So many of us may feel like we have a battle going on between our head and heart. That deep inside we are so afraid to let yourself just BE and to create a reality where we can thrive.

It is truly freeing when you can come from love, instead of fear.

This series is a container for you to let go of what we no longer serves us, and build a different relationship with ourselves, the environment and those around us - and how it is okay for us to be real, raw and authentically us.

This 6 Week Mini-Reflection Series Includes:
  • Eye opening topics around the art of letting go of control in your life and allowing love in
  • A total of 60-90 minute group calls
  • Discussion topics and exercises/questions for reflection
  • Group Text/Chat for connection during course
Dates & Times: Every Saturday afternoon at 3 pm EST starting January 17th, ending Feb 21st. Each call is approx 60 to 90 minutes each week, with group text chat and options for connection in between.

Contribution: As part of this mini-series initiative, what we are introducing an different pricing system and way to contribute to these offerings.
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We ask that you intend to join us for all 6 weeks so as to keep the flow and insights coming. My intention is to keep the groups at 10 people to keep it intimate but expansive all at the same time.

So over the years I took steps that were right for me, courageous and daring at times for others in my field, as I unraveled what was not me and came back to safety and the love inside of me… ALL of me.
-Andrea, Creator of Mini=Series

The Story Behind The Birth Of This Series
So what does that mean? For years as I moved forward in my life I moved forward having to own, having to control, “thinking: that it was the answer. The I “knew” what was right, what was wrong. And then came my partner. This wild and crazy IT guy who lived by the seat of his pants out of the back of his car travelling Canada and other parts of the globed sharing a technology he did not understand but “knew” and I thought hey. He is onto something.

Then along came the time we decided to live to gather into a home that we bought together that he had not even seen and I realized I could not move forward if I didn’t own a home. You see for years I built my security on the needing to have rather than wanting to have based mentality because if I dint I would come unglued/ I was afraid to let go.

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So over the years I took steps. Steps that were right for me, courageous and daring to times for others in my field, as I unraveled what was not me and came back to safety and the love inside of me… ALL of me. Quite the ride. Quite the journey but a hell of a ride if you are willing to love me. All of me.

So where does property come in. I have begun teaching and sharing love, money business calls specifically focused on the consciousness field but anybody is welcome and as I was reading a book written by Charles Eisenstein called Sacred Commerce it came to me how far I have come. There was a line in there that called to me which said “The urge to own diminished as our sense of connectedness and gratitude grows”

NOW I got to say when I met my partner in 2012 when he said be grateful I lovingly told him to go fuck himself. There was nothing in my mind I had to be grateful for. Yes, most would say that was bullshit as I had a house, a home, partner and a life but inside I was dying and gratitude felt like the opposite of what I was as I continued to struggle deep inside my mind. Inside my soul . It was a like a battle going on between head and heart and my heart was not willing.So deep inside of me. I was drowning in my own reality of self and not willing to move to be me.

Crazy eh if you knew my background, Type A, overachiever, well achieved in the traditional sense but something so deep was dying in my of me.

So I took steps, steps along the way to get back to me. So deep inside of me.

The property was the first place I finally let go as it had been in bred so deep inside of my since the age of 12 that if I owned a home I would be safe. Fucking funny now as I look back cause in my teens the home was the last place I was safe. In fact it was was. I was sexually abused at age 5, experienced physical abuse from age 12 to 14, mental abuse for years after even leading into my marriage at age 27 as I entered another life and again I latched onto buying a home, a cottage, a house and a boat to create safety for me and look where ended me. In a place where I had to let go again to see that safety was not outside of me.

So in 2016 I finally let go of my home, moved into a rental with my partner I now 4 years later see the beauty of not owning a thing… It’s truly freeing when you can come from love, instead of fear. It’s a time and a place to let go of what we no longer have and build a different relationship with the environment around us rather than being tied to what’s not me. The real me inside..

So take 6 weeks and join Ann and others as she leads a one on one discussion showing and sharing the journey of being free. Free as we let go. Fear of being me

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