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A community of open minded, open hearted individuals looking to make a difference through love.

The vision for the Love Evolution Movement is to provide a space to encourage ourselves and others to teach, share and debunk some of the patterns and stories that are stopping us from living from love. It is our goal to help education on concepts and practices of surrender and love, to share experiences and action steps to encourage each of us to take a step into love based consciousness and awareness in your life, love, business and community.

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Our Goal
For the last 10 years, Ann and Bill and others have been traveling Canada and other parts of the globe teaching and sharing about the use of loved based consciousness tools on this planet. We have created a Patreon account for like minds to contribute to the continued creation and development of these tools to help us ALL more strongly embody love on this planet.

Where does your money go?
To fund the creation and development of love based consciousness tools and infrastructures on this planet that will set the stage of change of love in all systems including business, parenting, government through love.

Your Contribution
Contribution $10-25 per month towards the embodiment of love on this planet.

Our Gift To You
In return for your contributions, we will share audios and videos about love, consciousness, surrender, love-based action and embodiment of the soul. Teachings and sharings that have been in our lives for almost 10 plus years. We will endeavor to make these tools exclusive to Patreon members as a way of thanking each of you for helping fund change on this planet through love.

Shifting The Lens of Love

An Excerpt From a Group Love Event

It is such a common pattern for us to "find love," I'm going to use that in quotes, by spending time with our mothers or spending time with our cousins or our fathers or our daughters or our sons, but really that love and that inner truth comes through when we are exuding who we are in this quantum space and in this quantum reality. But what are we choosing?

Because as we've watched some of you in this group and community step into who you are by loving who you are and defining what you want to do and don't want to do, we see the changes. We see how you're growing, how you're, literally some of you are vibrating so much more than you ever did before because you're stepping into your truth.

That's part of the reason we're using the tones and sharing with these communities and talking over the coming months and years, is really just to inspire each other to step into love because love is just who we are.

Members Who Are Living Their Life Through Love

These are some of the amazing people we have met along the way who are willing to surrender to love. Ann and Bill for the last 8 years together have been led to the wildest of place to find those that are willing to surrender to love as we connect and grow together in love. Is this you? Come, listen and explore those that are learning to surrender to love and experience through them what that might be like for you, if you chose.

Take an Inspired Action of Love Today

It iss time to commit to love for yourself, your families and communities.

We are all here as a community to assist in bringing love back to the planet through all aspects of humanity. Waking up one heart at a time to help us all step back into love. Leveraging Divine Sciences and love to help us all embody that which we are which is, LOVE.

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