These audios were recorded as part of Ann and Bill's second book launch as her gift and contribution to Hope for Humanity.

This is an ancient galactic language that the soul knows that is a transmission of love and light. Something the mind cannot comprehend but your soul will understand. The more you listen the more you will understand and begin to more deeply awaken to love in the human form. This gift naturally opened for Ann in 2014 on her journey back to love and is used as part of there one-on-one evolutionary coaching packages that Ann and Bill work together in opening others to love.

Why Hope For Humanity

Why Surrender To Love

Awakening to Love

Taking Action Toward Change Through Love

Closing Remarks

Hope for Humanity Initiatives

As part of the completion of this book, Ann, Bill and others have been inspired to provide hope in their own way, through love. For more details on how you might participate in a change through love check out Hope for Humanity Initiatives.

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