Meet Anna Trillana

Anna’s purpose is teaching others compassion, and acceptance with integrity. Guiding them with their daily demands and personal crises. As a psychotherapist, healer, teacher and author, she challenges individuals to face their discomforts, triggers and wounds in an unconditionally loving and nonjudgmental way. Anna believes everyone is on their own unique journey in discovering their truth and the potential to become unlimited.

Anna continues to openly share her previous and current struggles with her clients’ to help inspire, relate, and motivate them that they are not alone and they are truly understood. Her vulnerability and encouragement with others trail blazes new routes for humanity in recognizing there is always another way, another perspective to heal ourselves no matter how challenging our journeys can be. A sliver of her life story is shared in another collaboration, The Beauty of Authenticity. It is in the how she viewed her life path and what she did with the experiences that she leads by example for others to find hope in their own struggles, and that there is proof anything is possible – how we surrender our judgment perceptions and beliefs allows us to live a life of love instead of fear. The true access of hope is to have faith and trust in the process that we can choose again and create another alternative to our experiences.

With her fiancé, Andrew they customize their clients’ needs at their Mind, Body and Soul center, Infinite Strength; both in person in Fort McMurray, Alberta and online worldwide. Distance is of no bounds for these two in guiding others to their unlimited potential. Andrew’s expertise as a humorous and understanding Movement & Nutrition Specialist (background in Kinesiology, Functional Movement, Chiropractic, Nutrition & Personal Coaching & Development) he grounds Anna’s evolving integration of Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Embodied work (Reiki, IET, SRT, Qi Gong, Ayurveda & Yoga), Sound Therapy and more.

Anna continues to work with Spirit every moment of her day with students and clients. Providing many opportunities in grounding their mind, body and spirit for vast clients to find their truth in the different approachable languages she use through the guidance of Spirit. Together, Andrew and Anna’s experiences, training and intuitive abilities guide their clients to become comfortable with being uncomfortable in order for them to evolve and heal. Dedicated in promoting understanding and healing with one’s past and present to change their futures by instilling seeds of self-awareness, self-care and self-love to groups, individuals and couples of all ages and all locations.
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