Ann's Facilitated 6 weeks Series
6 Week Mini-Series

Welcome to the landing page of Ann's facilitated mini-series where over any given 6 weeks series we explore topics of consciousness within an intimate, group environment (max 10) to share, leverage, and explore what is stopping us from love. Join me (Ann) for a chance to explore how money is impacting you in your life and your ability to grow into a full state of being-ness. For over 10 plus years Ann has been exploring topics of consciousness and has decided to crate a new environment, differently to open the doors for others to explore and connect what consciousness and love means for the,

We will focus on money and its impact on you, your life and your business, and even love in your life. During these 6 weeks on Zoom, you will join in a robust, dynamic, and vulnerable group experience to open to how money is influencing and impacts your life each and every day and how we can begin to open to do things differently. Together in love!

This mini-series includes:
  • Eye opening topics around money, love and consciousness
  • A total of 6-90 minute group calls
  • Discussion topics and exercises/questions for reflection
  • Group Text/Chat for connection during course

Dates & Times: Every Sunday evening at 3 pm EST starting Sunday, January 10th, ending Valentine's day Sunday, February 14th. Each call is approx. 90 minutes each week, with group text chat and options for connection in between.

Cost: $10 per week for 6 weeks for Patreon contributors and $15 a week for non-members.

We ask that you intend to join us for all 6 weeks so as to keep the flow and insights coming. My intention is to keep the groups at 10 people to keep it intimate but expansive all at the same time.

About Ann

For over 10 years, I have been exploring the consciousness stage. Prior to that, I was in business almost all my life. Starting at KPMG and ending in my own business for the last 8. I even have a degree in Commerce and Economics from U oF T and have taught business and taxation at varying levels including universities and professional levels.

My passion has always been about taking complex topics and simplifying them and then seeing how the mind and the soul can engage. Realizing that these topics and patterns are real, very real for all of us. Life is an illusion if we can get out of our own way. And one of those passions for me is about doing business. Doing business differently.

So for the last 10 years, I have been involved in the consciousness stage and arena, prior to that over 22 years in the corporate arena of life and what I have seen is some very beautiful people struggling to reconcile money and how to function in this reality when they wish to come from love, from the heart and make a difference in this world.
My Gift and Some Context for you
This audio track was the discussion that led to the launch of the series. This is my gift for you to listen and explore what this might mean for you.

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Save Your Spot

If you wish to join me for the next 6 weeks series simply contact me directly OR purchase the 6 weeks on our site on My Conscious Wellness by clicking the button below.

Not ready yet to start but wish to start in January? Simply message me to save your place for January and we can take it from there.