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Take a Step Towards Your Journey of Evolution Through Love

For us, evolution strictly means a constant commitment to finding self-love, to peeling back the complex layers of the onion of insecurity and doubt for you and your family. It becomes a journey of all aspects of you from the soul to the human form. What you are committing to yourself is to step into who you really are. The authentic you!!!

Meet Andrea


I am the co-owner and founder of Clearly Conscious Energetics, a worldwide organization focused on shifting consciousness through love by leveraging and accessing unique technologies that assist others in shifting limiting beliefs that are stopping us from love.

You see, what I've recognized, when I felt called to write my chapter in The Beauty Of Authenticity book, is that over the years, I kept struggling to find my path. That's the best way I can describe it. The path I would perpetually create was from my head and my mind, not my heart and my soul. From other people's agendas and not my own. But the question that always came up was how do I get out of my head, and into my heart and soul when that's not what I had been taught to do in this life?

On April Fools' Day 2012, my divine partner showed up, along with tools and the technologies and what I recognized was I was being gifted and granted an opportunity to undo evolutionary patterns and stories that were stopping me from love, stopping me from loving my life, stopping me from truly, unconditionally loving my family, stopping me from loving my business.

What we have been gifted to share is evolution through love. The largest gift anyone can realize at this time in their own personal evolution. A chance to share, teach and work with others about the meaning, true meaning of love. The technology aspect is simply a synergy of that because those tools that we've been granted are here to assist in the journey and unraveling of what is currently stopping us from love.

A Personal Invitation For You

If there are fears, insecurities, doubts or stories stopping you from taking inspired action but oyu are feeling the pull to connect then this is simply an invitation to connect and share with no strings attached. This is a free invite to connect for 30 minutes with the intention to share the tools and our journey of evolution through love.

Ann Shares Her Journey in Video

Ann shares her perspective on Love, Evolution and tools that she used to assist in her journey. Using tools and technologies to inspire change from the inside out- helping each of us open to love.

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Tips & Tools for Moving Forward

What if Inspired Action makes one change or one decision that could change your destiny? Take an Inspired Action of Love today!

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